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Predictable BW Mall Tour Post + Pokemon Event

Peoples of Pkmncollectors!
How is everyone? I may not be remembered, but I used to frequent Pkmncollectors back in the day. My, how time has flown. ...Okay, so it wasn't even a year ago, but all of that aside - I've been popping in and out of here from time to time just to see how things are going. I've had to limit my spending, to a near nothing, which is why my activity here has been short. I do miss you all, this place, this community. But I hope to start becoming an active member again soon. Let's look forward to that, hmm? ^^

Next line of business. I've been seeing a lot of posts about the Pokemon Black and White Mall Tour. I'm very interested in the meetup posts, though.
See, my husband and I are planning an almost 5 hour trip to Lawrenceville Georgia for the March 12th&13th event. I was curious if anyone has made a meetup for this event yet or not. I've seen a few member posts here and there on them going. I'd very much like to meet up with you, whoever you are!! :D I think it would be a fun experience for us both. The trip to the tour will be an incredible experience in itself, so I'm super excited about that. If there's a meetup for this event, will someone direct me to the post? Or if anyone lives in or around this area, would you be able to let me know a bit about the area? Maybe some fun things to do or places to eat at while there or something? I'm a bit nervous about going, so I'm sorry for seeming awkward. x_x

I've only got one thing left to yammer about and then I'll shush. XD I work at GameStop and for the release of Pokemon Black/White we are having an early opening release event... thing.
Basically, we're throwing a little party and having a tournament and food available for the people who come. I don't except the event to get huge, but we've already had a ton of sign ups and all of the coloring pages for the color contest have been depleted. (120?! gone in less than 2 weeks?!) So I come to you, pkmncollectors, with a question. What would make interesting prizes for this event? We have a few Toy Factory plushies at our dispense as well as some cards I personally threw in (for the trivia questions and such) but what would make interesting, inexpensive, virtually free prizes? I was thinking about making little charms of the starter Pokemon, but I'm not sure how well that would go over. But any ideas are very welcome! I just want to make amazing Pokemon goodies available to the kids who participate in this event. Where I live, it's a smallish city. There are no Pokemon merch in any of the stores anywhere, except for the TCG, and it's a shame, really. We've had tons of preorders for the Pokemon Black/White games that it's apparent how many people are out there who love Pokemon.
Buuuut, anyway. Ideas for prizes - donated prizes, even! I'll stoop there. Recommended event ideas, whatever you got. Please help. :) It's all appreciated! <3

I shall put an end to this post.
To make up for it's unbearable-ness:

With love,

P.S. If this post should be, it can be deleted. Sorry; I noticed a lot of unnecessary posts lately and I don't want to anger the mods. :'(
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