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Holy ffffuuuu- Final payments for RubySapphire GA!!

RubySapphire GA has reached my apartment and I managed to get the shipping calculated for everyone! :D

A couple of notes before I go to the spreadsheet......

*The items are ranging in quality, but overall are in used condition.  None of them came with hang tags unfortunately.  All of them came with tush tags except for my Torchic and rainyan 's Rayquaza (and perhaps one or two others, but I can't quite remember).  If there's anything drastically bad about the condition, I noted it for you down below!

*Unfortunately, a few of these packages were rather large/bulky/heavy, so shipping prices are quite high on some of these since boxes are required for a good amount of them (oversized ones at that!). :(  I hope no one is upset about this...  I can't really do much about it, so I'm really sorry about it. T_T

*A couple of you have a "P" next to your total.  This means that your item(s) are getting shipped via priority mail.  It was only $1 extra and it's a much better service, so I went ahead and used that for the total.  If you want to save that $1 and go with parcel post, please let me know so I can give you a new total.

And then some notes for individual members:

kiiyame : I need to find a box for yours since I'm totally out of reasonably-sized ones for Entei. XD;  Also, I'm still waiting on that trade.  Once that's all taken care of, I'll let you know your shipping total!
eternal_rena : I'll give you your total when the stamp GB comes in. :)
gabtizzle  and spideyroxas : Your items, the large Groudon and Kyogre, are in boxes that squish them quite a bit... If you feel uncomfortable about this, please let me know.  I personally think they'll be OK since they aren't squished THAT badly, but I wanted to note this before packing and sending them off.  If you decide on a different box, I will have to relocate a new box for them and it will up your shipping total a bit since a bigger box will be heavier. D:  Also, spideyroxas , a very small part of the tip of one of Kyogre's wings has chipped off and the underlying fabric layer is showing.
fridanny : Your items are fine overall, but Origin Giratina is missing one of his little side-banana parts and I didn't find it in the package. T_T
rainyan : On top of missing the tush tag, Rayquaza is has seen better days... His upper body is detached from his lower half (it's supposed to be attached with a string at one part) and some of his seams are a bit loose in very small parts. :(

One final note before the spreadsheet... Mime Jr. never got claimed!  If anyone would like him thrown in at no extra charge, let me know. :D  If you aren't a GA participant and are interested in taking him, I only need a shipping payment for him. :)  Mime Jr. found a buddy to travel with!
As always, shipping can be combined with anything from my sales, so let me know if you're interested in anything and I will provide you with a new total.

And now after all that...... Spreadsheet is here!  Payments go to nagainekowanagai @ gmail.com.  Please remember to include your username with your payment!  I originally said I would be able to do PO runs this week, but now I'm not so sure thanks to school...... But school is done for a week once Friday is over, so PO runs will resume next week for sure!

A reminder that my shipping status spreadsheet is available and will give you updates on when your stuff gets packaged and shipped out. :)  It's finally updated with my past few sales and payments (including date of payment), so unless I've made a terrible mistake, I have shipped EVERYTHING except a couple of my most recent sales. :D

Huge post is huge, and I will conclude it with.... stay tuned for a big sales update and a collection update within the next week or two. :D
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