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Shipped and New Auction

All packages from the Plush GA and Kitbug Kids GA have been shipped!!  Thank you all so so much for your patience, both of these GAs, plus sales, totaled close to 100 packages to go out ;♥;

If you haven't paid for shipping yet, please check this post and do so! (List of way overdue payments here) The original posts have been updated with payment info as well for ages now.  I will have to start tracking down people soon - please make my life easier and just check the list, thank you :)

Also, the Clear!Kids Rush GA arrived the other day.  I'm in the process of getting final totals, please keep an eye out for those payments within the next few days!

I also wanted to let you guys know that my email was hacked this weekend and I lost all notifications of comments and PMs - I'm in the process of going through my backup emails now. If you're waiting to hear from me, you might as well re-comment here so I definitely get it :)

I now bring you a teeny tiny auction for a set of new February 2011 light up keychains:

♥ Auction will last four days - bidding ends next Sunday, 2/27 at 12 Noon EST (countdown coming soon)
♥ All keychains start at $3
♥ There will be only one payment, payable by Paypal only
♥ Participants are responsible for shipping to them
♥ No sniping, all other community rules apply

Minccino is mine, but Reshiram, Zekrom, Snivy, Pokabu, and Oshawott are up for the taking.

(This is just a straight up auction for these guys - I already bought the set and everything, just opening up the rest for offers!)

High bids:
Reshiram- $10
Snivy- $10
Pokabu- $10 Paid
Oshawott- $20
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