keph (kephisos) wrote in pkmncollectors,

to de-tag or not to de-tag?

Hey guys. <3

I have a bit of a dilemma. My DX Dialga Pokedoll arrived, and I have an overwhelming urge to cuddle him. He is gorgeous. But, I'm hesitating to cut his hang tag off because I'm aware he's quite rare (and expensive!). So, I was wondering - how much do you think it would affect the value if I took it off? I'm not planning on selling him, but I worry about these things.

Mudkip-in-charge meets the new arrivals. <3 (I also got lots of Eeveelution Pokedolls, but they're upstairs, in my bed, having a rave. As you do. Rebellious little guys.) I love it when loads of parcels come at once. And I love big plush. All is good. :3

So, a question: what do you guys generally do with plush? Do you like to keep the hang tags on and the plush minty fresh, or do you like to cut them off and cuddle them? (Toy Story 3 scarred me for life, okay? XD I can't not give toys any love!)

And a super quick wants - I'd love Vaporeon, Pachirisu, Mismagius and Wailord Pokedolls if anyone wants to part with theirs. <3
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