safir_hime (safir_hime) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Plush

I am looking for some plush that I can't find for reasonable prices anywhere else.... save for the figures because I'm looking for ones out of box instead of paying full price for something I'll take out of the box anyway.
I would love to trade but I need some feedback first lol

I'm trying to find these for under 60$ if its impossible I'll wait til I have money in the future.

Any Samurott plush, preferably larger or pokemon center but I'm still looking for anything.
Pokemon Center Raichu plush?
Pokemon Center 9" Arceus plush
Luxray plush
Futachimaru plush
Arceus large sofubi figure
Wooper Pokemon Center Pokedoll
large Raikou figure

Thanks for looking and I appreciate any help!
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