kiiyame (kiiyame) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA Payment Reminder + Other Updates

jensoxen and kazmalop I STILL need your payments for the Unknownrevenge GA. Please please pay ASAP, these are the last two payments I need in order to be able to get the lot shipped to me. You can find payment info here. I can't afford to front for you guys and I've contacted you both before!

Now as far as other updates...

Customs: All charms with the exception of spiralgenerator's (need to color it) and creampuffholic's (still need to get you your samples) have been mailed! As far as the cube commissions; I'm in the process of working on everyone's, I should have WIPs for everyone later in the week. :3

Wants/Sales: I'm currently looking for any card binders! Preferably the 9 pocket type, but I'm open to 4 pocket type as well. I'd rather trade customs/items for these but if not gimmie a price.

And I updated my sales post; (Cards still need a bit of updating but just ask for availability)

Thanks guys! :D
Tags: group auction, sales, wanted
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