zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Did I make a stupid move?

Ok, well I was on a bit of a Pokemon shopping trip in San Francisco today. And... now I need clarification if I have a fake^^ It's funny, because I'm usually VERY keen on spotting bootlegs/counterfits/etc, but sometimes I get too overwelmed looking at stuff, that I don't get time to really look over things... That, and timed parking doesn't help either in rushing >_>

So,  here's a couple things that are questionable: A Pokemon kid (I was soooo excited in finding one!), but it DOES have on the copyright "Pokemon". I think  I read something like if a figure (or maybe a certain brand?) shouldn't say "Pokemon" if it's legit? Maybe for things like Kids it's ok?

Next up, is a Tomy pack I got (I also picked up a double pack). Now, I've seen these packs before, and I've been so STUPID, that I didn't even realize that the language was Chinese!! Trust me, I know the difference, but since I was so focused on looking at the actual Pokemon, I never really paid attention to the packaging >_> Are these fakes? Or, are they legit Chinese figures, knowing legit licensed stuff DOES show up in China. They have all the legal copyright info on them, so nothing like that was left out. Even on the actual figure there is copyright info engraved into them. When original Tomy figures hit Japan, did they come in similar packaging, or were they always in the little boxes?

I need to be better at spotting authentic Pokemon stuffs! One, I could totally tell was a fake: A Marill plush whose... face looked funny for once, but had both an english Pokemon logo, and Japanese writing on the other side >_> Obvious telltale signs, but not always obvious in other items.

Help please!

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