Azrael Alexander (azraelalexander) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Azrael Alexander

TCG Wrappers?

So, recently I've decided to collect Houndoom TCG, and flats in general. Since I buy all of my cards as singles, I haven't had a chance to collect some of the awesome booster pack art that has featured Houndoom over the years. When I recieved the Undaunted Houndoom booster wrapper as a freebie, I knew that I had to have the other two as well, from Platinum (Rising Rivals) and Team Aqua vs Team Magma. If anyone has these empty wrappers, in good condition (no wrinkles, large rips, etc) I'd love to buy them! Now I have no idea how much to offer for an empty wrapper but I suppose 50c - $1.00 depending on the condition? Also, if you have any 'doom cards for sale, I might be interested, though I can't pay much atm.

Team Aqua vs Team Magma

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