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Big VHS/DVD/Card Sales!

So I'm attempting to clear out some space in the cabinets in my room, so I thought I'd put up all my Pokemon VHS's for sale here! I have most of the first season and I have a few of the Johto episodes. As for DVD's, I have Pokemon 4Ever and Pikachu Party! I also decided to put up some cards from my very small collection up for sale. (This includes Topps Cards!) I think card collectors would appreciate them more.

Sales Permission Granted 1/25/11 by dakajojo

*I ship from California in the US and will not be shipping internationally for this sales post.
If you want to buy something here and from my sales and you are international, we can discuss it.

*I am not responsible for lost mail. Once it is out of my hands, there's nothing I can do.

* Cards will be mailed to you in an envelope. If you want extra protection for it, let me know.

*Paypal only please!

*I will hold for 48 hours. Anything not paid for by then is back up for sale.

*All items DO include shipping!

Anything here can be combined with anything from my regular sales(Except the Pikachu Kite.) :

Kanto VHS:

All of the boxes are worn around the edges and have small creases. Everything here is $4

Pokefriends is $4.

These have no covers. D: $3 each.
-The Sisters of Cerulean City
-Psychic Surprise
-Thunder Shock!
-The Mystery of Mount Moon

Johto VHS

$6 each.

- Moonlight Showdown $4


Pokemon 4ever: $5
Pikachu Party: $4


Drifloon, Teddiursa, Cyndaquil, Meowth, Eevee: $1
Raichu, Mudkip, Marshtomp: $1.50
WB Contest Mudkip Card: SOLD

All normal Pikachu/Pichu: $0.50
Lt. Surge Chu's: $1
Raichu: $1.50
WB Contest Pikachu Card: SOLD

10th Anniv Pikachu Promo Card: $8
Both Mareep, Pikachu, and Growlithe: $1
Flaafy and Dark Flaafy: $1.50

Topps Cards:

Spoink & Grumpig: $3 each
All others are $2
SOLD: Whishcash

$2 each.

That's all for this sales post. :D Expect another collection update from me in a week or two!
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