hibikitikibi (hibikitikibi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Black and White Tour Colorado- Town Center at Aurora

so I'm sure you all know about the tour... this week it will be in Aurora Colorado at the town center at aurora. I myself have never been there but I only live about an hour away. is there anyone else who will be at the colorado tour? are there enough people to maybe plan a meet up? I'll be ther eboth days, I'll be easily spotted as a Gijinka pachirisu with a very large tail. (trust me if you see me you'll know!) but even if there is no meet planned if you spot me stop and say hello I will have a special gift for first three people from the community I meet.

(sorry for my lousy photo)
I made these three charms today. there is one of each starter, each are playing on a black or white nintendo DS. oh and tepig is trying to play with his snout because hooves are louse for gaming... but its first come first serve gift. I hope to meet some of you soon.
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