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Please help me identify? (Things I've never seen before...) & still remains a mystery...

I have obtained quite a few items lately, but I don't know what they are...
Could the community help me identify them or give me an estimate price? 
These will be offered in a future sales update.

~ Thanks for your time

Glaceon kid is just for size reference 

The piplup thing has a christmas tree in the background, it's hard to see.
I really love the detail in the pikachu figure. The platform it stands on is disassemble-able...
And for this dragonite thing, it's very light and shiny.

I have no clue what these things are! They're plastic/rubbery but not erasers. They came in packs with korean writing on it, but they look kind of legit? I've never seen them before....

Here's a closeup...
On the back it says their level and has a certain amount of stars. Also there's an image of a hand signing rock paper or scissors. It's a game? I'm not too sure.

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