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A little introduction and Chupa Surprise!

Hi everyone! I joined over a month ago looking for some TCG cards to complete my base set collection, but now that I have finished that, I've moved on to plushies! It was so awesome seeing everyone's collection that I hoped to one day be like them. I was inspired~

Here is my small collection so far:

I had bought a cyndaquil and it arrived on Valentine's Day when my boyfriend had also gifted me one too that day. I felt bad for not mentioning that I had gotten one already. At least they weren't the same XD

Now onto the chupa surprise!
I was on an unsuccessful hunt for these ever since I saw a post here on it. My sister found these for me a couple of days ago with the new gen pokemon! So exciting!

I totally would have asked her to get more if they weren't a little pricey.

In the master ball was a...... sandile!!

Sandile is my favorite from the 5th gen!

and Reshiram from the regular pokeball!
I don't know why but I just love these Chupa Surprises.

Since my boyfriend has some credit on Orbitz, we have decided to go to New York during spring break. Our main reason for going there is to visit Nintendo World. I can't wait to splurge on all of the pokedolls!

Edit: question, did anyone that went to Arcadia's BW mall tour been able to get their greenscreen pictures? How long do we have to wait for that?
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