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Collection Update, GA, Sales, Plush Problems, just a lot to cover :/...

So many things happening at once D:!

First off our GA is going great :D! Keep getting those bids in people and we'll win this for sure ;3! I have the utmost confidence in our Community! AND btw it will take me a bit to get back to all the comments and such. If you have ever run a GA you know what I mean XD; but I will do my best to get to everybody by tomorrow :)!

Next thing, I gots new stuff!

New Foxy Babies! The Kid is form a GA, the megablock is form Roll_chan who's current username I cannot spell to save my life and I pulled the card out of a card pack :3! 

Ah, the fresh smell of new Eeveelus :3! All self explanatory except for that Sticker and Umbreon. Umbreon is a "special order" from Hong Kong. Aw come on Umbreon only has 3 types of plush so I wanted to get a "different" one. I plan on buying a new necklace for her. If anybody has a small spiked bracelet or a bell collar let me know :D! Also, a tiny fancy top hat would be acceptable :3
The sticker was a freebie fromfirst_mate_kate  who sent me that Umbreon Jakks figure (who is DERPY)!!

So many legendaries @_@;...I collect wayy too many expensive Pokemon :p... btw I am leaning toward becoming part of Pokeism.

There is no god but Arceus and Suicune is his prophet...because Suicune walks on water.

Speaking of legendaries, this is my newest travel buddy, Sir Ugly Lobster Face the III. You may refer to him as Sir Ugly or Ugly. I got him from growly  and I LOVE him XD! 



OH MAI GOD!! (plush fail)

This is Xira, named after my special Vulpix in my HG game. She is my travel buddy and lives inside of my purse. She will also be attending the Atlanta, GA  Black and White Tour with me in March :3 (Will post more about that later ;3!) . However, Xira had an "incident" recently...

I was doing the standard clean in between Xira's tails and this happened. So I ask you community, what shall I do? should I let the rest of her tails be set free or sew them back up? I'd like to have them free since they look really cool and Jiro, Xira's brother, is the MWT one anyway :D!   


Sales permission received on August 2, 2010.

I am located in the U.S.A and I ship ANYHWERE (even Checkosalvicghtejet-BA/D.C.)
I accept Paypal (direct payments, no e-checks).
I live in a pet friendly home and dorm.
I will only send an item once payment has been received and cleared.
I am up for trades of you have ANY Ninetales, Suicune or Eeveelutions or Kids Figures to offer.
I am open to CUSTOM trades but I'm very picky with customs.
I generally ship within 2 weeks of your purchase date. If there is a delay I will let you know.
I ship via First Class USPS Mail by default. If you would like, insurance or a different shipping method please state it and I'll give you a quote.
I try my best not to over charge shipping/fees. If I do, I will refund you the difference :3.
All sales are FINAL and I am NOT responsible for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged. Once they are out of my hands I cannot control what happens to them.

Zangoose TFG - $3
Eevee TFG - $4
Luxio TOMY MIB - $8.50

Duskull Hasbro Beanie (No hang or Tush tag but Minty fresh otherwise) - $5 

Poliwhirl Tape measure - $1 or Free with purchase of $5 or more :3
Chikorita Soft and Squishy Keychain - $6

$3 each
SOLD: Charmander 

Riolu - $1.50
Entei - $5 

Shellos - $3 
Both Empoleons - $6 together 
Pachirisu - $4

Kakuna TOMY - $6 
Manaphy - $2
others - $1 each or free with purchase of $3 or more :3! 

All items brought to you by our sponsor Cuddle's Bed! YAY :D! 

Preview of an up and coming collection:


AND Website linkage because I can: been working on stuff slowly by surly...

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