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Auction, Sales and Offers

It's been a while again, hope everyone is doing fine. I've come bearing another sales and auction post featuring trading figures (again) and some miscellaneous stuff. Some noteworthy stuff include the Lt. Surge, Sean, Raikou and Mew trading figures! These seem to get rarer and rarer as months go by. This post also includes some battle dices, misc plush, and the leftover zukans from the last sales post.

This is for the cellphone I'm saving up for since mine was stolen a few days back. Hope you guys can help me out. :)

Sales post granted by denkimouse on June 13, 2010.

  • Auctions will run for one week and end on March 4, 2011 at 10 PM Philippines time. Here's the timer.
  • Offers will end until interest has died down.
  • I ship form the Philippines. Prices do not include shipping or fees.
  • I only accept PayPal: neogenesis07@yahoo.com
  • I will only hold items for 48 hours after which the item will be put up again.
  • I will try to mail the items within the week but do allow delays as I have school.
  • Shipping can be combined and if you want First Class or Express mail the shipping cost will be more expensive.
  • Haggling is welcome!
  • Banned members are not allowed to participate.
  • Feedback post is here.
*For trading figures, winners can choose either a black or white base. Chess figures will have 3 random colored discs.

Shipping Prices:
  • $5 for trading figures and heavy figures.
  • $4 for chess figures, bottlecap figures and light figures.
  • $3 for miscellaneous items
  • Increment of $1.50 for other additional items.


Lt. Surge starts at $12
Sean starts at $10
Yellow starts at $8

Mew starts at $15
Raikou starts at $12
Gyarados starts at $10

Each starts $5


$2 each

$3 each

$3 each

$5 each

Darkrai and Vespiquen line $5 each
Probopass line with broken peg $4

$8 each

Pikachu and Munchlax bottlecap figures $3 each

Manectric and Groudon $5 each
Pikachu $3
*These chess figures might be bootlegs due to the slight difference in color with the original ones. Manectric and Pikachy are darker and Groudon is a bit pinkish. Otherwise the quality of the sculpt remains the same.

$3 each
A: Spiritomb, Burmy, Monferno, Lopunny, Vespiquen and Infernape
B: Meowth, Magikarp, Deoxys, Gyarados, Plusle, and Snorlax
C: Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Hoothoot and Noctowl, Suicune, Murkrow
D: Dialga, Buneary, Mantyke, Mantine, Chimchar, Alakazam
E: Lugia, Feraligatr, Marill and Azumarill, Pikachu, Tyranitar, Shuckle
F: Staraptor, Giratina, Staravia, Dialga, Sunkern, Sudowoodo


I don't know about these plushes. They're just gifts from friends so I don't have that much information. The Pachirisu is a reversible plush;  the Pikachu is from ANA and has a string and you can put stuff inside from its back; the Mudkip is from Banpresto can be fit into a pole or something and still has its tag; the Totodile is from Banpresto; and the Mewtwo is a fingerpuppet (I think). Any additional info on these stuff is welcome. :)

Dawn and her Pokemon Tin

Make your own offer threads for these.


And that's about it. Thank you and good luck!!
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