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One last chance for Zukans

Hi all,

Man it's been ages since I've posted here, and regrettably, it's time to acknowledge that I've moved to another collecting hobby - dinosaur figures. No one that knew me saw that coming, haha. Anyway, I'm packing things away for later (the grandkids someday?), and have everything put up but the zukans, so I'm offering them up one more time before they find a cozy place in storage.

All of my zukans are up for offers. I'll keep them up for two weeks and sell those to offers I like and pack away the others. I won't be offering these again, just because they need to either go to someone else, or into a place where I can't get to them easily. Also, to clarify, I am not looking to dump these at any price. I'll only sell if the offer's fair or better. I'm happy to pack them away rather than take huge losses on these, sorry. Figured I owed the comm one more shot at these before they go away for good. :)

Here are a couple teaser photos of some of the rarer critters:

*Sales permission granted by lineaalba*

My collection is described here in my good old zukanolog:

Just go to the zukanolog and look at the column to the right for names of the zukans written in blue - those I have. Just ignore the ones in red, as I am no longer seeking those. Names in grey I don't have. Any of those in BLUE are available for offers.

It'd be too hard to make threads for all of the zukans I have for sale, and kind of pointless, since many won't be of interest to if there's a zukan in the zukanolog you want to make an offer on, please do the following:

1. Check to see if an offer thread already exists for that zukan. If "yes", just offer there.
2. If there's a zukan you want and there is no offer thread after you've diligently checked, please start one and title the thread "Name of the Zukan Offers" - e.g., Swimming Milotic Zukan Offers.
I'll make a couple threads for zukans I expect may draw some interest.

I'll keep these zukans up for offers through end of day on MARCH 13TH unless I get an offer I like before then.

- I reserve the option of not selling if I feel the offer is too low or have question about the reliability of a buyer. I have rough ideas about what I would sell each of these for, and so basically will sell them if offers meet or exceed those amounts. I also reserve the right to accept an offer before the 13th if I like it enough. :)

- Important: I live in the US but CAN ship abroad as long as you understand and accept that I CANNOT bear responsibility for packages arriving at your location (That said, I've never had a problem). Here's what I'll do if you live abroad - I will save shipping receipts and send a scan/photo of the receipt to verify that I sent the package if you'd like, but if you live outside of the US and are uncomfortable bearing the risk of shipping to your country, please don't make any offers. If you live abroad and make an offer before reading this, I will allow you to retract your offer(s), no worries, and will verify this before having you send any money.

- As always, please only offer if you have the funds to follow through. Retracting offers is very uncool, and not allowed, so please search your soul (and your piggy bank) before you offer.

Paypal strongly preferred!

- Good luck everyone! :)

QUICK UPDATE: Offer period is closed. I'm working all day, but will try to look all offers over and contact members that made offers I'll accept ASAP, by the afternoon of Friday the 18th (sorry for delays - busy week!) I'll post here when I've finished reviewing the offers and decided on the finals. Thank you to all of you that offered. Sorry to those that I decide not to sell to.
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