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That one big post

  Hi everyone! Im here to show you my collection! I know its not much, but its a start! :D
Heres my yellow version, its a little worn, but it still works perfectly.

Heres my one and only pokemon manga, witch just happens to be yellow x3

Have no idea why this turned out sideways...But here is the Zorua plush i prommised! You can (kinda) see how one ear is slightly smaller that the other one. This is my favorite Pokemon item. :D

I bought this off of my friend xD Its a bulbisaur sharpener. Have no idea if its offical. Yep, it offical!

Why are all of these sideways? Anyways, this is a wristband that i got from an old friend like 4 years ago.

 I made this custom Pokeball last night. its about 1:1 mabey. :P When i originaly bought it, it had a wraper with an Ultraball on it and inside, was a cydaquil eraser! I took the ball, and some plastic and finished it off with glue to make the Pokeball :D I sometimes pretend
im a trainer and throw this around my room...I'd call that weird, but don't we all do that? xD
 A DP sticker book here. Not much more that that about it xD

 Got this when the jarachi Dist. was going on. It still looks like its in perfect condition.

 Finnaly, my Celibi poster. I am able to pick up many of these if anyone wants one. I can probly only do a trade tho, because im so new and all. :3

  I wonder what happened to all of figures...I have like 30 somewhere...

RANDOM FACT: Holy cow! I was cleaning my room and found 30 bucks!

 And now for the wants:

  1. A fitting ash Ash hat.(First season) faderboy might provide this
  2. A foam Pokeball. Just the clasic red and white foam pokeball.
  3. Victini plush. From a japanese promotion of some kind:

  That about wraps it up for today! Thanks everyone!
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