Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey guys! Grail!

Hey u all! I want to let u know i have been on vacation the past week(called so?). Im sorry i didnt tell you before i went away!

So, just wanted to tell u guys my grail, im Sooooooooooo hoping to find it/em sometime D:. Theyre so buggin me with ther ultracutieness!

Here are they ;__;  Ive seen some of you guys havin em, but im not too sure someone would be willin to part with em. If it was me, i wud NEVER do eeeet! xD

Its the attack and defense forme im looking for. Mostly defense, cause its my favourite pokemon, and there is no other defense forme plush and i need one in my life D:

And, pretty soon(yes i know i said that a time before!) xD , im gonna show u guys my collection so far! Teaser pokemon, deoxys/spinda/wailord, wailmer!

THANX GUYS, your all so lovely to deal with, and this comm pwns!
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