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Offers/Sales reminder

Hey there, comm! ^_^

First off, I'd like to mention that I still have offers going for some Jakks Eeveelutions, Shinx/Luxio, and Raichu figs, as well as a Growlithe/Arcanine Tomy set! I'll probably keep offers going for another week, and then I'll contact the high bidders to organize shipping fees and such. ^^

Also, I forgot to add some BK Pokemon Standees to my last Sales, so those have now been added- If you have recently purchased from my Sales, you can still add to your orders if you'd like, as I haven't yet sealed and shipped the mailers yet. (All items purchased by Tuesday, March 1st, will be mailed off on Wednesday afternoon!)

Feel free to check everything out! :3

Finally. :D I bought this random lot of tiny pokemon bells for cheap from ebay; I haven't seen anything like them before, and I was wondering if anyone else knew what exactly they were? I'm guessing they are from some gachapon machine or something. They're totally freaking cute *_* And each bell rings a slightly higher pitch than the one before (CUUUUUUUTE).

I bought the set mostly for the meowth, but now I'm in love with all of them. I -may- be willing to sell some of the others if there's any interest in one of them- just ask! ^_^

*Lucario is sold.
*Meowth, Lapras, Pikachu, and Bellossom are not for sale. ><

All right guys, see you all later! ^^b
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