Honey (lovedbyahero) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pikadoll Wants

First off, the Angela_samshi GA is finishes in 24 hours and we're a third away from our target so get those bids in!

My iPhone cable decides to no longer work so once again, updates is delayed *sighs* but hey, its a great time for wants!

As a few may know, I collect pikachu pokedolls or, as I like to call them, pikadolls :D They are my favourite ever pokedolls and I do love them :D I'm after anything related to them whether it'd be plushies or pokedoll merchandise! I do have a want list including the pikadolls I'm missing here but I doubt anyone has those for sale but anything pikadoll related!

Here's Baby to brighten up this post a bit :D

Most importantly, I'm after a velboa pikadoll from a seller inside the UK to take to an event and I'd rather not take Baby in case he gets spoiled or lost. I prefer velboa to minky hence the specific request XD
Tags: pikachu
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