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Small Update/Collection Weeding Sales/Shipping Question

I did get a few things in the mail last week, and I wanted to show them off while the lighting in my room was decent. :D They may be few in quantity, but I was so excited to get this stuff! Also, it seems I need to start weeding out some of my Pokemon things. Why, you ask? I'm desperately trying to raise enough money to buy a button maker! I actually don't need a lot of cash to get one, but it's buying the actual buttons to go with it that hurts my wallet. ; A; So, Pokemon Collectors, help me get one so I can make custom buttons for you guys~ :D
Warning: Very Image heavy!

First, my shipping question. I currently am not able to ship internationally due to my lack of a scale. I tried to see if flat-rate international boxes would be a cheap and easy way to do this, but I don't think it is? (It gives me totals on the USPS postage calculator like $45 in shipping for a medium box and $17 for a small box for something that weighs 2 pounds to the UK.) So my fellow sellers, what's the easiest and cheapest way to ship things internationally? What works best for you? Any answer is appreciated!

Anyway, on to the collection update!

Land forme Shaymin Pokedoll! Minky and fake green fuzz were a match made in heaven. SO SOFT! :D
I got it from someone on ebay who seems to do Seattle Kiosk pick-ups.

Just look at that face! It's big sad-looking eyes remind me of Pound Puppies...XD I've just been calling this lil' guy Mii.

Mii's current spot is on top of his HUGE brother, Joey!

Next, two new bead sprites from bladespark! I've never had a bead sprite before so I was totally excited to get these! I've decided that I'm also going to start collections of N and Silver! This was a good way to start! :D

I also bought an N phone charm from hazuza! It's sooooooo cute! I actually take it everywhere now. I usually use it as a zipper-pull instead of a phone-charm.
I also commissioned a Silver charm to match and Cilan too! (I'll be collecting Cilan stuff before I know it...)

Something else I was pumped up about getting. Jack Walker kid! :D I've always liked Pokemon Ranger characters. (Nintendo, I know it's late, but make a Lunick kid. Kthnx.)
After seeing the Temple of the Sea movie again, I remembered how awesome Jackie was. Then I discovered that he had a kid figure! Once I knew that, I totally had to get one! Then one popped up in a lot on ebay so I quickly turned that into my first time co-hosting a GA. xD
He sits in my blue cube shelf next to my Tracey kid.

Shinx attack card! I had one of these when I bought my attack Shinx and it was my favorite card ever...sadly, I lost it! So tomokii was kind enough to sell me just the card! I'm not taking my eye off this one. D:
Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'm waiting on tons of cool stuff!
Things I'm currently waiting for:
A Minun plush
A Furret kid
A Skymin cup
Some custom charms
And a custom N sculpture! Those will be in my next update! :D (Unless I somehow get my grail between now and then...)

Anyway, on to sales!
I'm reposting my VHS sales and things from a few days ago because not a lot sold! D: New things are at the bottom!

Sales Permission Granted 1/25/11 by dakajojo

*I ship from California in the US and will NOT be shipping internationally for this sales post.

*I am not responsible for lost mail. Once it is out of my hands, there's nothing I can do.

* Cards will be mailed to you in an envelope. If you want extra protection for it, let me know.

*Paypal only please!

*I will hold for 48 hours. Anything not paid for by then is back up for sale.

*All items DO include shipping!

Anything here can be combined with anything from my regular sales(Except the Pikachu Kite.) :

Kanto VHS:

All of the boxes are worn around the edges and have small creases. Everything here is $4

Pokefriends is $4.

These have no covers. D: $3 each.
-The Sisters of Cerulean City
-Psychic Surprise
-Thunder Shock!
-The Mystery of Mount Moon

Johto VHS

$6 each.

- Moonlight Showdown $4


Pokemon 4ever: $5
Pikachu Party: SOLD


Drifloon, Teddiursa, Cyndaquil, Meowth, Eevee: $1
Raichu, Mudkip: $1.50 Marshtomp: SOLD
WB Contest Mudkip Card: SOLD

All normal Pikachu/Pichu: $0.50
Lt. Surge Chu's: $1
Raichu: $1.50
WB Contest Pikachu Card: SOLD

10th Anniv Pikachu Promo Card: $8
Both Mareep, Pikachu, and Growlithe: $1
Flaafy and Dark Flaafy: $1.50

Topps Cards:

Spoink & Grumpig: $3 each
All others are $2
SOLD: Whishcash

$2 each.

Shinx Pokedoll for size reference only!

Contest Buneary Plush: $18
No tush tag and no head string. I cut them off. Other than that, in great condition!

Big Piplup(No head string, no tush tag): $18
Jakks Mystery Dungeon Piplup(No tush tag. Hang tag is not attached but will be included): $7
Jakks Piplup Plush(Does NOT talk. He is broken. His talk-box was removed.): $4
Piplup Pop N Battle Pokeball: $3
Piplup Kid(Box will be flattened to send to you. Let me know if you don't want it flat.): $5

None of the following plush have tush tags. Their hang tags are not attached but will be included with them!

Jirachi: SOLD

Celebi $7

Igglybuff: SOLD

Jakks Talking Pachirisu
Tail is detached. It would proably be cheaper in shipping to leave it like that so he can fit in something small. If you want me to reattach it, just ask!

Shaymin Plush Strap: $6

Big Banpresto Oshawott(No hang tag): $25
Small Banpresto Oshawott(No hang tag): $15

That's all for this huge sales post! Thanks for looking! :D
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