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Franklin Mills BW Photo Story!

Hello community!

I am back from possibly one of the most exciting Poke-Weekends of my life. My collection has expanded massively and what better way to share than a photostory!

I hope its not horribly off topic, but the collection gets BLOW MY MIND :D

Warning: very photo heavy!

snormax  & I just got back from Philadelphia today from the Pokemon Black and White tour at Franklin Mills and it was amazing. But it was quite the journey! (we decided just to make the one post so we dont spam the community :D)

It was Friday morning and Toronto was hit by a very, very heavy snowstorm, however we were so dedicated to go, foolishly we didnt listen to the warnings and went anyway.
I'm seriously when I say this was the worst drive of my life.

This was the highway. So many people were in the ditch. We were skidding, you couldnt see the road. Nothing was plowed :(

Always a good sign to see giant lorries in the ditch, right? (NOT!)

ANYWAY. 12 TERRIFYING hours later, we finally arrived in Philly. It was late Friday night so we went to bed and got up early for the excitement.

Saturday morning we got to Franklin Mills SUPER early, but we werent the first ones there :o
There were four other people who waited the few hours with us. We had a great time chatting and forming the line.
People couldnt believe how far we had come from D:

Finally at 930 they gave us our movie tickets and we moved to be first in the queue for the Pokemon centre.

It's beautiful, isnt it?

While we waited for it to open, I took snormax  & my books and ran around collecting us stamps :)

After we got our bounty we went and saw the film, then went to the prize wheel.
Holy crap.
We had to wait in line for about 45 minutes.

The line wrapped around the whole court of the mall.

Luckily from the line we could see the mascots. However, since the line was so long to meet each & the time was limited, I didnt get any photos with them:(

TEPIG <333




Sadly there werent any Reshie and Zekrom inflatables at this stop because of this giant beacon :(
I asked people who worked there and they said that this giant thing prohibited them from setting them up, malls orders :(

I finally got to spin the prize wheel :)
I was so happy I got a Tepig prize.
My brother only wanted the keyring but won a plush instead. He tried to get the worker man to give him the keyring instead but he said he couldnt. Luckily my mum came with us and she won the keyring on the wheel :D

After this section we made our way back to the main area and waited in the long line for the demo.

I loved the artwork all around. I want my house to be inside one of these booths :(

I played the game for a few minutes, but I'll be honest. I just wanted the pins.



Mah bro snormax  with the sign wall

Information booth & main room

And with my two giant bags full, I call it MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
(Tried to get Pokemon Centre in the BG lol)

The trucks in the parking lot :D

So we spent the rest of Saturday in Philly & then made the long long long LONNNNNNG trek home today.
I wished we could have made the meetup, but alas we left around 6am :(
Luckily we had help :D

One of my new friends tried to help navigate

While another found the sun more enjoyable...

In the end they all had a fun car ride.

And finally I got home.
Let me show you what we got.

Are you ready?



All in all, I'm horribly ill now from the lack of sleep BUT it was SO worth it.
Look at those mad grabs!
Keep in mind that half is mine and half is my brothers. But still.
I basically went to the cash and said "GIMME ONE OF EVERYTHING! and two of THIS THIS THIS!"
The woman had to check with her manager to make sure it was okay that i bought so much. >:(


Thanks for looking

To anyone who may have run into me, I apologize for being so ridiculously hyper.
I'm not usually like that, but the lack of sleep and excitement will do that to me ^^;


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