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February 2011 Collection Update - Eeveelutions, Destruction and More!

First off thankyou to all the lovely people who participated in my Zukan Auction earlier this year! you helped me raise the funds needed for my eeveelution pokedoll collection!
half of which are factory rejects :P buttt most you cant tell to be blatantly honest! and half of them are legit :D
but i love them all haha
also i still have not heard from about three people concerning whether they received their Zukans so let me know if you are one of those :)
also photos of my purchase from 
and the lovely present i received from 
photos are under the cut!
and the very nasty end to a big bad bootleg plush!

First off all my lovely eevee's in all there glory

Taken with my Polaroid Instax Mini 7 :D

New purchases from omgitslph and my lovely gifts from pokepalace thanks so much :D

Oh kay! i got sooooo sick of looking at this bootleg that i let the doggie do its worst :O
Naughty Sammy!

Thats about all i have to update for now, but keep your eyes peeled this weekend since i just found out a huge ebay package of 33 Applause and Hasbro plushes has cleared customs yesterday so i will be having another major update soonish!
oooo expect to see Mareep,Dophan,Slowking,Horsea,Heracross and so much more plushie cuteness soonish!

Catchya's on the flip side!

Tags: bulbasaur, clefairy, collection, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, marill, piplup, pokedolls, poliwhirl, suicune, tomy, umbreon, vaporeon, venusaur
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