Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

help needed from Germany & wants & gets

 Hello~ So first, are there any German collectors in the community? Because I just found a few interesting auctions on German Ebay that end in a few days, but they don't ship internationally... Would anyone be so kind and work as a middleman? ^^' 
(I was told that some sellers do international shipping upon request, so I might be able to manage on my own... Hope so.)

And second, I just came across these adorable Mew dioramas:

What are they? I haven't seen them before and they don't look like normal zukan to me... Where are they from and how much do they usually go for? If they're not too expensive, I really really want them... Too pretty...

And this picture is from technicolorcage's sales, I was too late to buy them but they aroused my interest. That Mew & castle thing looks different from the upper picture so what is it? And I'd like more information on the Mew scene on the right, too. Why have they made Mew things so pretty? <3

And while waiting for a big collection update post, here's one of my favourite gets and I will probably sell the duplicates!

Here they are, my pretty mahjong tiles/ponjyan tabs/whatever they are called <3 It's not my own picture, but they looked just the same when I received them ^^ I'd really like to learn to play with them, but I think it's better to sell the duplicate lines forward as soon as I get my sales permission. So I will keep one of each tile and one Raichu line is on hold, but the rest are for you to grab! :3 I've never seen anyone sell these in the community, so does anyone have any idea about what they are worth? I've only seen them in Gin's collection... I'll probably put them up for offers, but I'd like to know where to start from.. ^^'
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