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B/W pre-order info, GA Tour, Pickups!

Hey guys! It's the last day of February and less than a week until Pokemon Black and White are released in the States! I'm trying my best to gather as much information as possible about the new games and related events and pre-order goodies, so bear with me as I get everything organized.

Domestic pre-order bonuses:

Amazon: $10.00 Amazon credit with pre-order of PKMN Black or White
Toys'R'Us: Free Zekrom and Reshiram wall clings with pre-order of either game. As a bonus, grab either copy on March 6 (Sunday) and receive the legendary bundle, typically retailing for $11.99, for free if you buy the game(s) the day of release. Thanks to Pokebeach for the info. :) The kit consists of two styluses and a cleaning cloth.
Gamestop: No official pre-order goodies announced yet...?
K-Mart: Purchase one version and get the other for half the price. Also, purchase a DSi bundle and receive any other Pokemon game for free. Source: K-Mart gamer. (Scroll to the bottom for details on the deal)

International Shops:

GAME (UK): B&W poster (thanks to spideyroxas  for the info)
Gamestation (UK): Starter styluses (thanks to spideyroxas  for the info on this as well. ^^)
El Corte Ingles (Spain): Keychains (thanks to gonintendo.com for the information. Check the link for images)
Australia: A variety of shops are offering different bonuses. Here's a list.
Futureshop (Canada): $5.00 off either game between now and March 3rd + free shipping (thanks to zealey  for the info!)

Feel free to correct me if something's wrong or missing!

Also, bonus info? B/W DSi bundles available through Amazon: Black, White
Assuming the US release is set in stone, Target, K-Mart, Gamestop, etc. should be offering the bundles, with or without bonuses. Hopefully they're legit available for US buyers at this point in time.

This can also function as an official Meet Up post for the Lawrenceville, GA location at Discover Mills Mall!
March 12 and 13!!

I wager we meet around Entrance 4 (iirc), in front of the AMC theater. It's a big open area and I'm willing to bet that's where the core of the tour will be held. How does 2:00-2:30 PM on Saturday sound for everyone? Or should it be earlier/later? I don't know when they're screening the movie so if our meetup time falls around then, we can change it or meet right before/after. Let me know what you guys think!

Lastly, I'll be doing pick-ups and will try to get there as early as possible both Saturday and Sunday.

Permission for this run was granted by denkimouse  on February 20. Thanks Gin!

Rules and Payment information (I know it's a lot, please bear with me!)

+ Items will be shipped out from Georgia, USA
+ I ship out internationally (and domestically, too, of course)
+ I accept paypal only. No e-checks at this time, please!
+ You will not be asked to pay until I have the items in hand. I can get exact (or close to exact) shipping costs that way, too.
+ No trades for the time being
+ Please leave your zip code in your comment(s) to insure a smoother transaction. ^^
+ Note that the cost of the bubble mailer+misc. handling and paypal fees is included in the $13.50 for the small plush, t-shirts, and figures. If you would like your plush mailed in something else (a box, perhaps?), let me know. I'll tack the additional cost of those materials to the shipping quote. The shipping fee is literally what the post office charges me for the weight of the package.
+ Numbers below are per person. You can request more than one plush per spot you acquire. However, if too many people ask for many plush, I will have to impose a limit. (...we'll cross that bridge later.)
+ I can hold items for 2-3 days (maybe longer, depending on circumstances) but I don't have unlimited funds to work with. ;o; Also, the sooner the items have been paid for the sooner they will be shipped!
+ I ship within 1-2 business days. Everything will be shipped by Tuesday the latest. :D

ALSO NOTE! You can remove yourself from the list anytime before Saturday March 13, 8 AM - let me know asap! Users who have contacted me about this beforehand, please leave a comment at some point to confirm you're still interested. Thanks!

Pokemon B/W Mall Tour Run List:

Starters, Zorua, Zoroark, Pikachu Plush
$13.50 each + shipping

1. breethezebra - Snivy - Obtained! - Shipped!
4. rehime  - Zorua - Obtained! - Shipped!
5. monta  - Zorua - Obtained! - Shipped!

TOMY figures (dragons, starters, Zorua, Zoroark):
$7.00 + shipping (let me know if you'd like them shipped in or out of the package)

1. little_ledyba  - Tepig - Obtained! - Shipped!

6" Dragon figures:
$13.50 + shipping

1. strigidae  - Reshiram - Obtained! - Shipped!
2. steelfangs  - Reshiram and Zekrom - Obtained!

Large 12" Dragon Plush:
$23.00 + shipping (notice - shipping materials are not included in the $23.00 like they are for the smaller plush and t-shirts! I'm not sure if they'll fit in the largest bubble mailers I have on hand so I may have to grab bigger ones or send the plush in boxes. I'll do my best to find the cheapest, safest way to get them to you!)

1. strigidae  - Reshiram - Obtained! - Shipped!
2. azureyoshi - Reshiram - Obtained! - Shipped!

T-shirts (of dragons, Pikachu, Starters:
$23.00 + shipping (with shipping materials included in the $23.00)

1. vepsmin  - Black Pikachu YL, or XL if L is not available - Obtained!
2. little_ledyba  - Black Tepig and Oshawott YL, or XL if Lis not available - Obtained! - Shipped!
3. aleyina  - Black Pikachu Shirt, YL - Obtained! - Shipped!

As of late there were more and more cases of tour operators checking with managers/higher authorities for the okay on selling more than a certain amount of plush. I'll wait in line several times if I have to both days to get them if necessary. I'm writing this as a warning that in case something happens and I don't manage to get everyone's items, I'll let you know as soon as I return.

Anyway, whew! I've been getting a lot of neat stuff trickling in. Thanks to everyone who's helped my collection grow!
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