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It's been a while! I've missed ya'll. My life has been... Silly. We'll just put it that way. But. Think I'm good now and ready to hop right back into things!

~I only accept Paypal!

~I will ship to anywhere.

~The price shown does NOT include shipping and handling fees. I pack the boxes as LIGHTLY (yet as securely) as I can though to make it lower for ya'll.

~I will combine shipping

~I may accept a couple trades, just ask (: I collect Mewtwo/Totodile/or Bachuru in particular

~Come from a pet friendly home

~Sculptures are made with original sculpey and painted with Acrylics

~I have metallic paints I enjoy using, if you want me to use metallics  on your sculpture, please specify!

~You can be as detailed on your request (expression, pose, special colors) or as vague (Surprise me!) as you please.

~Sales permission received by on 11/20/2010 by denkimouse 

~Feedback here - http://theunknownsoul.livejournal.com/979556.html

~Any questions please ask!

Let's get to it!

First I have some charms who need homes! These are up for sale -

Omanyte - $5
Ditto - $3
Ekans - $4
Caterpie - $4

Each above are $4

I'm also open for Custom Charms! Only $3 to $5 (And no higher!) depending on your request. I can and will do any Pokemon you like, just understand if it's a more detailed one (such as many legendaries) I will have to simplify it a bit.
Past commission examples -

Slots - I'll close them when I determine
1. my_chapstick - Sandshrew


I have one figure already made for sale. Around 3 to 4 inches

Shinx - $8
He is roughly 3 inches tall

Customs for these as well. 3 inch sculptures. Again I can and will do any Pokemon. The price for these starts as low as $7, more details and colors, higher the prices.

Slots - 3 slots open

I can also do Pokemon towers. It can be an evolutionary line or it can just be your favorite Pokemon piled on top of each other. Pricing depends on what you want but as an example - The Pikachu tower would be $23 ($10 for Raichu, $8 for Pikachu, and $5 for Pichu)
And the Persian tower would be $18 ($10 for Persian and $8 for Meowth)
EXAMPLES The towers below are not for sale, the custom spot is for whatever Pokemon you'd want -

Only one spot for the towers right now! But if the spot gets taken and you're still interested, I can still give you a quote and I can get back to you C:

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