larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

B/W Savings Sales Post!

hi guys! as you know, the B/W games are gonna be released this week and i'm on an all-out savings assault to secure both games for me and my significant other. =D so here we go again with many new items on offer!

i have a mew and weavile magnet figure, various new amada and kakumen retsuden kai featuring perennial favourites like eeveelutions and legendaries, a lucario figure as well as korean pop-ups of milotic, glaceon and luxray. [offers end 4 MAR, FRIDAY, 10PM PDT.] in addition, there are tons of other stuff available, many of which are new: kids, many new amadas and kakumen retsuden kai, charms, standees, magnets, flats, TFGs, B/W clear files as well as a special $2 deal on all chous! some of the pokemon merch include zorua, zoroark, raikou, lugia, weavile, dragonite, gloom, pikachu, pichu, squirtle, skitty, kyogre, mew and gengar. come on in and take a look, and perhaps help me out with my mission? =)

(have a fresh bowl of mountain in larvitar's mount silver enclave here!)

this sales post actually marks a special occasion - it is officially the half-year anniversary of when i first set up larvitarscar's shop on 1 Sep last year. while responding to some of my positive feedbacks earlier today, it struck me how far i've come with this shop, and the memories of including the freebies and writing the has truly been a great experience hencefar! thank you everybody who has at some point bought stuff from my shop - i truly appreciate your patronage. =D to commemorate this occasion, i have a small surprise in store for selected customers from this sales post. details to follow after this post is closed! =)

anyway, thanks for reading, and have a great week ahead!
Tags: articuno, charizard, cyndaquil, dragonite, eevee, espeon, gengar, gloom, houndoom, houndour, kyogre, latias, latios, lucario, lugia, mew, pichu, pikachu, raikou, sales, skitty, slowking, sneasel, squirtle, umbreon, vaporeon, vulpix, weavile, zapdos, zoroark, zorua

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