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Hey guys :D Quick question - does anyone know what the current Pokedoll stock at Nintendo World Store is? Thank you!

I won a nice-looking lot on eBay about a week ago, and it arrived today, excitement!! .. Except 90% of everything is pretty played-with/scratched up. Augh. There were some nice things in the lot, though - including a pretty nice condition Suicune v-trainer, and a sadly scarred Espeon v-trainer.

Quick collection update first, though! My Bootleg Vulpix Tomy army has increased in rank! The newbie is the very bright orange guy there in the middle. The far right figure next to the silvery tiny figure is the legit leader of the gang.

This Kyogre. This Kyogre. This Kyogre. I think this is my most favorite Kyogre figure.

Because he BITES.

He is also GLORIOUSLY SEE-THROUGH AND BEAUTIFUL. Here he is lunging at deranged Santa.

Okay sales time wooo! I ship from the US, and shipping starts at around $2.50 for people in the US, a bit more for international. My permanent sales post can be found HERE!

As noted earlier, most of these figures are in pretty rough shape. My camera didn't pick up all of the damage - please let me know if you'd like a closeup of a particular figure! In most cases I will try to note the condition of individual figures. Most figures are also dusty, but I'll give them a quick bath before sending.

Ouch, poor Espeon ;__; Suicune is in fairly decent condition, with a few bits of the purple mane paint rubbed off, seen here. Espeon is in excellent condition .. except for that battle wound, closeup seen here. Both figures are up for offer! Both also have their chip .. thingies in their feet/base.

More v-trainers!
$4 - Alakazam is in pretty great condition, minus a few little rubs on his toes.
$3 - Heracross is also pretty great, except for wear on his toes, too.
$2 - Both Charizards have minor wear on their toes and tail flames. Both have a little rub on their bellies, but the one on the left is a bit worse.
$.50 - Nobody loves Pikachu ;n;

$4 - Small metal Aerodactyl pin, closeup shots here and here
$1 - Plastic Lugia coin (bottom), Lapras dogtag
Free - glow in the dark Golduck, metal Lugia coin, plastic Flygon coin

Metal Pikachu tin keychain - this is nifty! It has some wear on the front and back as you can see, but no major deep scratches. The inside of the tin has a picture of Ash, Misty, and Brock. Up for offer!

These guys are all in pretty rough shape, yikes. $.25 each or one free with purchase.
GONE: Mew, Horsea

$3 - Cute Bulbasaur and Eevee figures, closeup here! Not sure what these are (not Tomys) - they have some small marks and Eevee could use a Sharpie nose job, but otherwise they look great.
$1 Everything else! One of Sentret's (v-trainer) ears has some damage.

$.25 - Pokemon erasers
$.50 - bug Digimon, just-a-head Digimon, ball-bearing-with-limbs Digimon (I swear I used to know their names)
$1 Ssssstingmon? maybe?, Agumon

$3 - Absol Hasbro figure, ..  Nidoking ring?? This thing is glorious. Both of these are in fairly nice condition. Absol comes with his blue .. energy ball thing, seen below.
Nidoking on hold!

$2 Hasbro Pikachu keychain (also what figure in this post does that blue ball belong to? I kinda wanna say Absol but I'm not certain..)

And last but not least, PIKACHU .. PLUSH .. CAR ....
Side view here! His tag very helpfully says that he was handmade in China, and that's it. Pretty sure he's a bootleg of some sort.. but at least he's cute! No idea what to ask for him, so he's up for offer as well. He is in excellent condition!

Aaand that's it. Thank you for reading C:
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