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New Acquisitions!

Hey guys!! Time for post #2.
As I may or may not have said, I love Black and White. The pokemon have clever, funny and edgy designs, and many of them I really like. Also as I have said before, I love Pokemon "art" merch, such as hang-tags from Pokedolls or UFO catchers, and stickers! (In that vein, I really dig Pokedoll art/merch) So a lot of my gets are flat printed pieces, although I also love to collect Kids figures.

So, when I got home from work today my imported packages came in!! That's what I like about buying online-- while you have to wait for the package to arrive, when it DOES arrive you get the sensation of "present-in-the-mail". :)

Here you can see the BW Pokedoll Starter stickers!!! When I first saw them I was like "Oh heck YES" I've already stuck a lot of them to different things, such as my DSlite!

And here are they are looking BA on my laptop!

This is probably something I'd call a mini-grail. For an art-lover like myself I knew I just had to have this! I got it off ebay seller nayumatapapa (a super sweet seller,a very nice & kind man). It has all the cool characters from BW done in a flat vector style with their original Japanese names in English, this plastic envelope case is gorgeous and cool.

The second envelope case! This time a neat pattern of detailed silhouettes! Very neat!

And of course, a Pokecenter bag that the seller included! The bag also features fun stylized art.

And finally we have two Kids figures I wanted, Desumasu and Reshiram. Nabbed off of animeraro on ebay (nice seller). I find Reshiram's design in general to be elegant, and the figure certainly is. Desumasu is just cool no matter how you slice it, and the little comment I put in there for him is my theory on his design. If you look at him from the side, then look at depictions of eyes in ancient Egypt, it makes sense. Lol, I have a serious Kids addiction!

Also, does anyone know if there was ever a Castform UFO catcher? I know there's a Rain castform doll, and a Reversible pokeball plush, but I was curious if there was anything else after that. Alrighty, thanks!
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