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I'm new here...200x

Hey there. I'm a first-time poster long-time lurker and longer-time toy collector. After enjoying many of your collection show-offs and sales, I decided to join in on the fun myself. I'm a big Pokemon fan of course, though my interests in toy collecting also branch out to Transformers, Lego, Figma, Revoltech, Marvel, various video game/anime action figures etc., but my love of collecting started with Pokemon figures. Their cheap price and collectibility is what started my obsession, with my first figures being the...uh..."Three moods of Pikachu" set and a Raichu by Tomy.
Most of the Pokemon toys I own are from Takara/Tomy and Jakks Pacific, and I have personal "policy" when collecting figures. To me, scale is important. I will only buy a Pokemon toy if its size is...somewhat accurate with the other Pokemon toys and some of the other toys in my collection. I would always look up Bulbapedia or my DS for height references, so if the mentioned height of a certain Pokemon is between 8" to 2'07", then I'll buy the Tomy figure. If between 2'11" to 3'07", Jakks Pacific. 3'11", that depends whether Tomy, Jakks, or any other company would happen to release bigger than usual figures. The better the figure (poseability, material, design), the better chance I'll buy it. I'm obsessive that way. I have a lot of wants, but they are mostly toys I have yet to see in person and I like to get a closer look right after seeing a picture. Anyone else like this? I hope so :P. And since I'm living in LA, I'm limited to stores that may or may not carry what I'm looking for, best stores near the house are Target, TRU, Anime Jungle or Chinatown. For out of town trips, I try to fit in trips to stores that are near the area. Speaking of which, I am looking for info walk-in stores that do sell a lot of Japanese Pokemon merchandise in the state of California. If it is okay to share such info here, please let me know ASAP.

Lastly, if it is also okay with the community, I don't plan on posting much. But if I do, I'm either joining in on sales or showing off collection updates with the rest of you guys. Though this is only because I'm unemployed so I have to live off ebay auctions and allowances. Generally, I plan to go to this place as a last resort for items I have missed in the past, and hopefully at prices that satisfy the both of us. If you're cool with that, so am I. Anyways, cheers. Pleasure to meet you all
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