Cristina (cristinahazard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some quick wants!

 Hello everyone. It's been ages since I've posted, I'm far overdue for a collection update. Hopefully I can get to that soon. But first. I'd like to post some wants!

For once, I have a little bit of spare cash, and so I'm looking to expand my collection! Specifically, my figure collection, which is terribly lacking.

What I'm Looking for:
TOMY Lugia figure
ANY Mew figures/zukan (I already have the new TOMY and the movie zukan)
ANY Lugia figures (I only have the movie zukan, and SS preorder figure)
ANY Raikou figures (I have a penciltopper, zukan, and the TOMY)
SHINY Raikou zukan
MC+ Raikou Figure (SHINY and Regular)

So if you have any of these things for sale, please direct me to your sales thread/post pics! Thanks! :)
Tags: lugia, mew, raikou

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