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So, I got a Zorua pokedoll from pokeranger9494's BW mall tour pick-ups, and he arrived today! And..he seems to have a couple issues. XD I'm wondering if he's just a derp, or if it's a normal thing for the tour-release Zoruas/Zorua pokedolls in general. I took some pictures to show you what I mean:

He's so cute! But..can you notice the flaws? His ears are different shapes, and one of his front legs is shorter than the other!

Closer looks. Are all tour-release Zoruas like this? Or even Zorua pokedolls in general? Even if I got a little derp, I still love him.. I'm just wondering, since they're pretty noticeable. The poor little guy can't even stand up. xD;

But here he is with his foxy brothers! c: I was surprised at how tiny he is.. I'm so used to the Tomy plush. But the pokedoll is so soft and cuuute. ♥

And an unrelated question.. Is there a release date for the new Jakks plush? There was a post about them a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since and haven't seen any in my local Targets. ;w;
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