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I got in my massive lot of... errr... 347? I think? Kids I ordered from Japan over a month ago. <3
Probably the best... errrr... nvm, I spent WAY too much money on this. XD
I'd post pic, but my camera is (yet again ARGH) not working. ;___;
I filled up... a medium-sized and a large-size plastic box though--and they both are all squished when I close them. XD
I was kind of surprised when I saw the human kids--they're a LOT smaller than I expected, but I loves them anyways. ^^
I've decided once I become a teacher, I'm going to put some of the less rare ones in boxes and make my students make up stories for them. >:D
I must say, though, the unexpected fuzzy blastoise kid is my favorite. <3 I didn't know there were fuzzy kids until now. :\

EDIT: Okay, so the only things I've noticed about my lot that wasn't so accurate is that there are... 2 digimon kids & one tomy. XD
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