Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

interesting lots!

So I found a couple cool lots on ebay for your viewing pleasure. But there is one in particular I'd like to run a GA on if there is interest. But I'd need an American co-host because it's off and they don't ship to Canada (and Canadian shipping is AWFUL anyway).

This is the lot I'm interested in running if anyone was interested, or if anyone wasn't already eying it for themselves/GAing it themselves:

See any items you'd be interested in if this was a GA? :D

There are some other links I'm including just because they have some interesting Pokemon items! If you want me to take any links down, just let me know:

random pokemon lot

HUUUUUGE lot of Pokemon! this lot is really epic!! you should look at it

So yeah, anyway if you're interested in the picture above, let me know! And especially let me know if you're interested in running it as a GA with me. If you can do the bidding/shipping, I'd do everything else! <3

Sorry for the somewhat boring post. I am expecting TONS of stuff in the mail, so I'll post a massive collection update one of these days!
Tags: group auction

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