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Intro time!

 Yo! I've been wanting to post this community for a long time,but I never get the chance to since i'm busy with school.

Now I have some time to kill so huzzah! I've been into pokemon amazingly since when it first came out in america and I was obsessed with it but it died down.Now somehow this silly game just keeps bringing me back for nostalgia.So here I am at college...and saving up for Pokemon White.LOL!

K enough talk! Here are my plushies!

Two of them (Mijumaru and Tepig) are the ones I got from the Pokemon B&W Tour event at Arcadia,CA. The tiny pikachu  was a x-mas gift from a close friend,who bought it at the Pokemon Center store. The huge Pikachu was bought from my bf,he bought it at a store in Little Tokyo.

So I hope to post more pics of my tiny pokemon collection and hoping to post some art here too. :D

Tags: introductions, oshawott, pikachu, plush, tepig
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