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SPark, the Purple Dragon

March customs post

Some of you will probably be quite happy to see today's post. :)

I finished this guy last week, and I'm still very pleased about him. :)

I hate doing this again so soon after last time, especially since the largest slot I sold last time is still not done. (Not my fault! Minkydelight was out of stock of the fabric I needed for two whole months! And last time they said it shipped, it did not actually ship. They've told me it's shipped again, and I'm hoping this time it actually has.) But anyhow, I had a major customer flake out and be unable to pay me, I'm only half-way to having the rent money, and generally my finances got pretty well screwed over. So this is the simplest way for me to get the money I need.

Right. So. Whining aside, what's up for sale? FOUR slots! 1. An EPIC custom plush slot. 2. A "full featured" custom plush slot. 3. A chibi slot. 4. A Loonakit* slot.

Something for everybody. :D

Here's some examples and more info.


The epic plush can be up to four feet tall! This is completely huge and awesome. A great many pokemon can be done in 1:1 scale, or get your favorite small pokemon in giant size! Starts at $200.

Full featured:

This plush can be up to two feet tall, (so some smaller pokemon can still be done 1:1 scale.) Starts at $100.


(Not a pokemon, but I only have one pokemon chibi made so far.)
These are the same size as pokedolls. Some very complicated pokemon may not work very well in chibi style, ask if you're not sure about your favorite pokemon. Starts at $30.


These are my favorite. :) Little pokemon balls of cute! They are about six inches across. Some pokemon aren't well suited to being loonakit-ized, but the vast majority can be done. Ask if you're not sure about your favorite pokemon. Starts at $20.

The usual community rules apply! Also, please wait for me to put up the threads before bidding. Bid away! I do take payments, so feel free to bid yourself into debt. XD Paypal preferred, check and money order also accepted. And do remember that shipping will be an additional cost on top of your winning bid, so keep that in mind. Shipping on the epic plush in particular will be fairly expensive. Also, these plushes will not be completed right away, I'll be working on them over the next two or three months, so you may have to wait a while. I do need at least a partial down payment up front so that I can buy fabric, before I can begin work. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask them.

The auction ends in 4 days, on March 5th, at midnight pacific time. :)

P.S. I've mailed out all the sprites and various sale items from the last couple of weeks. Most people should have theirs by now, unless they're outside the USA.

P.P.S. Since obviously there's a lot of demand for Loonakits (Yay!) I plan to open up another slot for one when this one has been made. I also probably will have another round of slots sometime this summer, to pay for a convention I'd like to attend. Just FYI. :)

*For those who don't know, Loonakits are creatures of my own invention. They are super-chibi plushes I've been making for years. :) Pokemon make good Loonakits, but I've also done animals, people's original characters, monsters, all kinds of things!
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