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pokemon tour colorado

so the tour came and went through colorado already. I went with two of my best friends on Saturday and met my boyfriend, his two lil sisters, and his mom's ex. I must apologize for not have many pictures, there were segway mall cops all over the place and stated many times that pictures were not aloud in the mall... so although I said I would post pictures of my pachirisu costume I really don'thave any good ones because of this =/. the picture with the green screen has my face covered in each one... (go figure...) and with the mascots my cosplay can't really be seen very well.
but here is a collection of what I got over the weekend at the mall.

the painting was done by my boyfriend as a birthday gift, he put many of my favorite fighting pokemon in it. (but there are just to many that I like to fit them all!)
here is a close up!

and the poliwhirl is from a candy store inside the mall getting in spirit for the event, they also had a pikachu, meowth, togepi, charmeleon, snorlax, and marill. I almost got togepi because it was so cute but in the end I had to go with the fighting type. I also got some vending machine 4th gen pokemon cell phone cleaners- 2 chimchars (gave 1 to my boyfriend put 1 on my phone), 1 turtwig, and 2 piplup. 

so more about mall cops... did anyone else experience such strict security? first while waiting in shop line some otaku wanted to take my picture with his mascot plush, I said it would be fine and a cop grabbed his shoulder and said "you can't be taking photos" the otaku says "oh! I have a pass that permits me to take pictures at the event..." cop says "we were told that only the workers may take photos!" the argued for 10+ minutes and 4 others came up to me while I waited in line and as they fought asking for photos, it was quite a silly sight. after getting out of line I let some people take pictures thinking that they just didn't want pictures around the merchandise, but then he came to me and said "ma'am you may not let people be taking photos of you in the mall."  Then later that night another mall cop came up to us and said "I need to see some IDs! kids under 16 may not be at the mall without an adult with them!" my boyfriend is a smart mouth and had to challenge her with "were all 19 or older and were leaving anyways." she repeats her request and says that me and one of the other girls looked very young so she needs to make sure... its embarrassing to be 19 and still be mistaken for a 14 year old...  

we also went to the H-mart and I found something cool there~~

its a never ending edumame! and it has a mameshiba! I have wanted one for awhile so this was a cool find.

again sorry that I don't have cosplay pictures. I'll also do a collection update once I get some personal projects finished and added to my collection, it is growing! I needed to clear a shelf for space. >:
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