harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants post (Boring yes)

Hey guys,

Just another short wants post from me. I promise to do a collection update when all my figure packages arrive! I'm currently looking for some small items:
1) Spheal Plush (Tomy or Hasbro)
2) Clear Minun/Plusle Tomy Kid
3) Minun/Plusle Chess figures
4) Things Oshawott that in your opinion are awesome :)

Well, that's all from me, hope you have a good day and perhaps you can help me with my collection :D
PS: for SG people, if you know where to get any of these in Singapore esp the kids, please tell me I'd love to know.
Tags: minun, oshawott, plusle, spheal
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