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Re-Introduction and collection update! (also Yorterrie plush want!)

Hi there, Pkmncollectors! I haven't updated in a really long time so I decided to reintroduce myself in case no one remembers me, haha. My name is Loryn and I've been a Pokemon fan for... like my entire life. I'm 20 and live in Orlando, FL! :D I first joined this community November of 2009! It's been a while.

My main collection is Totodile (and his evos) I want to collect Raichu more hardcore, but it's so expensive! ;__;

I haven't been purchasing too many Poke-plush lately but there are a lot of stuff that I have gotten from conventions this past year that I haven't shared with you guys so here's an update!

Here's what my first pile of plushies I had gathered before I decided I wanted to try and collect my favorites:

Here's all my little Pika's and Rai's chillin on top of my Giant Pika pillow's head. xD


My two favorite Raichu plushies! I'd die for the Fuzzy one but for now, this one will do. I love her. I gave her my crown simply because I had no where to put it. xD

My Johto Starters! My boyfriend got these for me. <3

My walky Totodile and my Larvitar. Love these guys, too. And there's Torchic chilling in the back.

 All my Pink Pokemon. xD

My Lovely Totodiles and Feraligatr. <3

More Totodiles and some other watery friends.

Some more lovely plush. :D

Here are a quick snap shots of my figures. Sorry for the semi-blurriness. Camera didn't want to cooperate after a while.

My lovely Feraligatr. If only I could find the right battery for him... but alas, he's still epic. <3

And of course my fantastic XD Totodile. He's such a nice big plushie and very adorable, I'm in love with him.

Oh my! I nearly forgot one of my favorites. Sleepy Totodile! I got this off someone in the comm quite a while ago but, he's just so precious. He chills on my bed with me at night. xD

Thanks for looking, you guys!

ALSO, I'm in major want/need of buying a Yorterrie/Lilipup plush! I want to take one with me to MegaCon this year since I'm cosplaying as Touko/White! Anyone selling or know a good place to get one? I'd appreciate it. And I'm always on the lookout for some Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr merch so if you have any feel free to share your stuff with me! Thanks. <3
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