Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Update! Jakks & Plushes~ + Small Want

I recently went to my Wal-Mart not thinking I would find much
since mine has a very small and tiny section of Pokemon and everytime I go there nothing.But this time!They actually had stocked up,they even had the newest jakks figures,SO I only grabbed a few,sadly there was only Leafeon no other evo's,I also grabbed luxio and gible.I will be trying to go every so often to see what they have in stock ^^ with that said

I updated my sales with the newest jakks figures I picked up,
along with some older jakks plushes,There lots of 1$ Plushes needing homes ^^
So feel free to check it out thank you! Click pic below to go!

Also does anyone know of a medium sized Pokemon shoulder bag,that be good for a acer mini notebook? I been looking for a good bag for it but with no luck ^^; Any info be great thanks!
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