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Post of multipurposeness

Hey guys! Long time no post - since I'm saving money for the Lawrenceville GA Black & White Tour trip, I've added a few things to my shop, including a certain blue water mouse plush I've never seen before.
Click the picture to be teleported!

An update on commissions: my tins are taking me longer then expected, and I apologize - these past few months have been particularly busy and rough, but I am working diligently on them. They are coming along nicely and I plan to have almost all of them finished by some time this month (if life doesn't bite me).
Secondly, with the tins slowly being finished, I plan to open a few more slots for them along with some other customs. So keep an eye out. ;)
Also updated my collection site, a few more glorious goodies have been added:

One last thing: remember that entry I posted about Settei frames? Well, I found a perfect one at Michaels - thanks everyone for your suggestions! <3
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