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A wild NEWBIE approaches!

 Ack, sorry, I'm actually reeeally nervous about doing this right now! See, this is my first-ever LiveJournal post... in fact, I only made my account because I've been browsing through your community for the past few days and made an administrative decision that it is the COOLEST THING EVER! 
Anyway though, I'm Kneat, and I've been a fan of Pokemon... well, basically ever since I was born! And collecting figures and toys and is something I really love to do. As such, I've had a horde of Poke-stuff lying around, and figured I could show it off here, and hopefully even meet some nice kindred spirits. ^3^ 

I guess it's time for pictures now, right?
Sorry if I'm being jittery, and if I do anything wrong or noob-ish... I apologize a million times. But this is some intimidating stuff here! :S

I have mainly figures, so... let's have a look at them, eh?

Here's all the figures I could scrounge up... I apologize for it being blurry, which is why I took smaller-group closer-ups...

Flying Pokemon! Personally, I love that Gligar, although yeah, he's laying on his side... oh, and I think the Noctowl's pretty cool, as well.

Sort of a Normal/miscellaneous types category... I haven't played a new Pokemon game for a while since I've been waiting for Black and White, forgive me if I'm out of touch with all the types!
The Meowth (which used to talk), Snorlax beanie (my personal favorite item in my whole collection), Sandlash, and Fighting type who I sadly can not remember the name of are pretty old... I'd love to say around seven or so years, though I'm not sure if that's right.

Water, Electric, and Grass... eep, a Buizel! And a pair of Bulbasaurs! And... two identical Bellossoms that I don't remember having duplicates of. Eh well... the bigger Pikachu (with light-up cheeks!) and Psyduck (used to walk and say "Psy-ai-ai"!), I've owned practically all my life, but that KO'd Raikou has only been here a week, go figure. =o

Oh, and here are just some other random ones. Sorry Wartortle eraser, you look so abused. Ah, I remember when I used to have a red Jigglypuff and mint-green Mewtwo to go with you...

And the few un-figures. The two Pokedolls are new just like the Raikou-- I love going to the NYC store on my birthday!
Honestly not sure what those disc-y things are, though I remember buying them at a dollar store because they were Pokemon.
And there's a Pokeball that came with some little keychain figure, too.

So... that's some of the collection stuff I've retained. I know there's a bunch more I could find if I stopped being so lazy!
Like my big Pokemon blanket (it has full-colored Pikachu, Jiggylpuff, and Seel on it, as well as a looot more outlines of Pokemon), two huge round Pikachu dolls (in terrible condition D=), some Pokemon board games, a kind of Pokemon Stadium battle arena toy (where my Bulbasaur and Charmander figures fit into and "fight" by pressing certain buttons), and video games if they count as collection items... eh, I should probably stop rambling now, right? Gosh, I feel like I've been talking a lot!
But anyway, I'm ecstatic to be here and I hope some people see this post and comment! 'Til then, bye! ^.^
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