Zen (zenity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Opening FIVE commission slots!

Hello hello! As some of you may know, I offer tiny pokemon paintings up for commission every once in a while! And while I'm so incredibly flattered with all the returning customers I get (<3 you guyssss) I know there are some of you who have had your eye on these slots! So I have come up with a solution!

This time around I will be opening 5 slots at once, and two of the slots are for *NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY*! :D This way everyone will have slightly better odds. (And even if you're a new customer and you like the current bid on slots 1, 2 or 3, you can bid on those ones too! The last two slots are just *special* and only for new comers, while the first three slots are open to all!)

The slot auctions end March 7th at 9:00PM EST, and I'll probably be posting my ONLY reminder on Sunday night. I know everyone will be busy playing Black and White anyway so I thought I'd just let you know ahead of time ;D

Click the banner below for the commission page! Thanks again everyone <3


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