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Assorted Kids Group Buy Cancelled! Messenger Bag Dragonite Kid Wanted!

Edit: Group Buy Cancelled! :( someone just bought the lot. Sorry Guys. and since the lot was sold i guess I'll turn this post into a wants post. Does anyone have the messenger bag Dragonite for sale?

Sales Permission granted by denkimouse

Feedback here: http://faderkid.livejournal.com/734.html

This is a group buy for this lot of kids. There will be 2 Payments, one to cover the cost of your claim +shipping (which is include in the claim cost) from the seller to me and then one for shipping from me to you.

The first payment will be due right away so I can place the BIN.
I will post an update when the Kids arrive and send PMs to all GB participants for your second payment invoice. Second payment shouldn't be over $2 for up to 3 Kids.

-I will be claiming the Messenger Bag Dragonite Anime Kid for $4
-Paypal only please!
-I ship from the US.

Dratini Kid [$3]
Dragonair Kid [$3]
Regular Dragonite Kid (Used) [$2]
Wailmer Kid [$2]
Surskit Kid [$2]
Castform Kid [$2]
Piloswine Kid [$2]
Miltank Kid [$2]
Cherrim Kid [$2]


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