Sam (eins_zwei_nein) wrote in pkmncollectors,

15 POUNDS OF POKEMON - payment post 2

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG FFF. ;A; Life took a huge crap on me and yeah.
Anyway it's all done now and I'm pretty sure I've done it right! I'm going to take a ~test package~ to the post office on Thursday. If i'm right, I will send the rest on Saturday and Monday!

15 Pounds of Pokemon Spreadsheet
Send payment to {@}!

Those highlighted in green have already been paid for and shipped. If your first payment is in red, I do not have a payment from you. Let me know if you think you have paid and I will double-check. I admit I was doing these a bit fast because I was in a hurry.

Sorry again for the wait everyone! If I have forgotten something (extras, etc), let me know.
Tags: group auction, payments
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