Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tag Team GA is in

 Received and sorted last night <3
I will be taking them to get a shipping quote tomorrow so if theres anything you want to add to them just tell me ^-^

jeansama Everything is fine except houndoom has various chips on his horns and claws,and cyndaquil has minor chips on his toes,flame,and mouth

charizard Charizard is fine just needs to inflated a little c: the red stick controls the light I think it needs new batteries

rainyan The lightstick lights up XD; I don't know what its purpose is,and the burger king mew is fine but her eyes don't light up.

celebiii Everything is fine :3

koujakai Mewtwo is fine :3 through I still haven't received payment could you give me your zip or country so I can add it onto your shipping.

poprock_grey Sentret is fine :3

leftofield Morty is fine :3

dunsparce Chuck is fine except for minor crayon marks on the back part

usagimakeup Everything is fine although I have no idea if these puzzles are complete or not

roxiired Everything is fine except jesse and james have small crayon marks and pikachu is not in a ball :3 its actually a keychain that lights up

lucklessprince Sneasal is fine :3

gabrielvalient The ball is in terrible state as we knew :c

roxiexcore Espeon is fine except for some minor marks on her back

larvitarscar Marill is fine except for some bits of fuzz and a little dirt sticking to her,I don't know where my measuring tape is so I can't tell you how big she is but she's larger then my big charmander who's about 10 inchs


I decided to keep both of the extra pikachus <3

-cuddles raichu and charmander- I've been looking for these guys <3

This guy,I don't even know where to put him :o ,maybe on my bed

All the extras are open to everyone :3

Jakks Brock 50 cents to GA Participants and 1.00 to non

What I believe to be the hasbro groudon 1.00

Empoleon tin in ok condition,has scratches and dirt on it, 25 cents

Talking squirtle,his voice is very low might just need to change the batteries
2.50 for GAP and 5.00 for non

Bulbasaur tin 1.00 for GAPS and 1.50 for non

V-trainers 1.50 for GAPS and 3.00 for non

The V-trainer electronics (One yellow and the red  is working,the other two might need batteries)
1.00 for GAPS and 2.00 for non
Gone:Blue and Red

Gym Leader V-trainers
1.00 for GAPS and 2.00 for non
Gone:Chuck,1 faulkner,1 bugsy

Pokeball V-trainer things 
50 cents for GAPS and 1.00 for non

Stickers 25 cents for GAPS and 50 cents for non
Rapidash/Blastoise x6
Meowth/Charmander x6
Charizard/Ash and Friends x6
Raticate/Pikachu x6
Pikachu/Ivysaur x5
Psyduck/Gengar x6

Small Round Pog Things 10 cents for GAPS and 20 cents for non
Pikachu x18
Magnemite x5
Voltorb x2
Charmander x8
Vulpix x8
Ponyta x5
Growlithe x2

Squirtle x13
Psyduck x13
Horsea x8
Tentacool x8
Goldeen  x7
Magikarp x6
Polywag x5
Slowpoke x4
Krabby x3
Staryu x2

Oddish x9
Weedle x9
Caterpie x8
Exeggcute x8
Paris x6
Bulbasaur x4
Venonat x3

Rattata x12
Rhyhorn x10
Pidgey x9
Dratini x8
Jigglypuff x7
Spearow x7
Eevee x5
Cubone x5
Sandshrew x3
Meowth x4

Koffing x10
Nidoran F x9
Ekans x6
Zubat x5 
Gastly x4
Nidoran M x3

Kabuto x10
Machop x7
Abra x4
Drowzee x4
Mankey x2
Omanite x2


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