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I sure do know how to type a lot: Collection Update, Sales, Wants, Plush Mods, the usual blabber.

Phew, as always I have a bunch to cover ^_^!

First I wanted to thank all the participants in the Friends Plush GA. You all were fanfreakingtastic :D!

Secondly, I’m trying to get some info/interest in these figures:

I have no clue the value of any of these megabloks and I’d like to get some info on pricing. I’m only looking to keep Lucario and possibly Mew but I’d like to know the current value of all of them if and when I decide to sell them :3 .

Third, I have a collection update I’m happy to share :D!

I grabbed some really cool things recently. Actually, two of the packages I though were lost in the mail for a bit. Turns out that the sellers were from Canada when I thought they were in the US XD! So here’s what I’ve gotten…

Glaceon Biting Kid. I tell you now I always have the WORST trouble with finding Eeveelution kids. However, my struggle is over in more then one way. Not only was this the last Glaceon I needed to complete my Original Glaceon collector’s goal, it is also the last Eeveelution Kid I needed ^_^!! I’m really excited to say that cause once I get home I cn take pictures of all the Kids in their glory!! Since I joined the Community it had been a major goal for me to get them all and now it has finally happened X3! I’m now going to move on to get one clear version of the Eeveelution Kids and the shiny versions of Leafeon and Glaceon :3! Looks like I’ll be stalking Gas for a while. X3!

ZUKANS! I loves Zukans X3! Now that I have a Torterra, I have finally decided to collect my entire team in Zukan form. I only need a Luxray and Staraptor at this point (Possibly a Houndoom). Tell me, what are the prices that these go for nowadays? Also, I’m looking for a Typhlosion Zukan between $8-$15, can anybody help a collector out?

Vappy Jakks figure. Not much else to say ‘cept I’ll be painting the frill soon. The Eeveelution collectorness got the better of me so I did decide to buy all the Eevee Jakks figures. Leafeon is currently on the way to me which means that the last one I need is Eevee. I’m in no rush to grab one, but if anybody has one for a decent price let me know.

DX Tomy Houndour. Can’t say much more ^^;…

Now the pièce de résistance of my update...

A Ninetales Yo-Yo!
When I first saw this I was like WTF!?!?! I have never ever seen this before and I knew I HAD to get it! Nine has SUCH little merch (Granted not as little as some pokes) but everything I try to find is like a mini-grail hunt. This is a very unique add to my collection :3! I have to say I’m 99.99% sure it is some sort of official merchandise because the back of it has the Offical Pokemon logo with the “Gotta catch ‘em all!” slogan and tm & © 2000 Nintendo. Made in China. With all that officalness on it I can’t deny the legitimacy. Still though, it makes me wonder what other Pokemon got a Yo-Yo. All in all, I’m extremely pleased to have this added into my humble Ninetales Collection X3!

Fourth is my Canvas Pix Xira. The last time I posted, I was asking about cutting or fixing the thread in her tails…

And this is what I did to her. The Tails are phenomenal once removed form each other. It’s nice to have a more “natural” looking Vulpix plush c:!!

And for those of you who don’t know. I will 99% possibly be attending the Pokemon Black and White Tour in Lawrenceville, GA next weekend ^^! It’ll be a really neat experience to meat with the other collectors in the Atlanta/GA area. I just wanted to post here that Xira will be the travel buddy joining me, if you want to/need to spot me. She’ll probably be riding on my head X3!

And last some sales and offers. I’m just looking to get rid of this stuff cause It’s taking up space I need for my collections. A few things have set prices but the others are whatevs. The only things that face set prices are:

Pichu DX TOMY - $15
Eevee TFG - $4
Luxio Tomy MIB - $8
Kids Figures - $2 each
The rest you may offer as low as $1 or you can make an offer on the entire lot of stuff including the items with the set prices :3!

Thank you!
Tags: bastiodon, custom, glaceon, houndour, ninetales, plush, sales, torterra, vaporeon, vulpix, zukan
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