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Desperately seeking Vulpix and Cubone? :

First of all: HI THERE.

Secondly, I was directed here by a rabid fan of Bulbasaur (someone who is part of this community but I have no idea what her lj name is), who is a friend of mine. She told me most of her Bulba collection came from this community and had nothing but good things to say about it; so, I'm here now. I'm desperately seeking Vulpix or Cubone items for sale.

My boyfriend is a Cubone addict and the only item we have of the endearing little tyke is the Tomy figurine - the same could be said for my favorite, Vulpix. We are looking to expand our collection, and as such, come to you, O Pokemon Fanatics.

If you happen to have a Vulpix or Cubone ANYTHING that you're looking to get rid of (or if you're currently taking commissions for custom items?) please, PM me with the item and asking price! 

Please please please? :D
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