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My very first auction post - pearly shine TOMYs

Hello, everyone. Finally I get my sales permission from Gin. It was actually granted back to February,  but there was a long story about how I missed it, so... Anyway, I will have a long spring break starting from this Saturday and I want every extra and unwanted to go in my collection. There are a lot of awesome goodies in my Ebay sale, you can follow the link to take a look: My tiny Ebay store

Second, this is my first personal auction post here. I will try my best to do it well. But if there is any comment or suggestion, do not hesitate to tell me.

EDIT: Nobody should miss this! lol. A fast self-made banner!
Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011

- All community rules for auction/ sales will apply.
- I will request your payment in 48 hours after the auction ends. I hate this but if you can not pay, I will leave a negative feedback. Serious bidders only.
- No deleting comment or bid. If you do so, a negative feedback will also be left. If you put a wrong bid, please contact me so we can work everything out. A deleted comment will really upset me because I do not know whose it is from.
- No snipe please. This is the worst move for here since you can not put a maximum bid like on Ebay here. It's unfair for other bidders. So DO NOT SNIPE. I will extend 10 more min if a bid is placed within the last 5 min of the auction, and the sniper will be reported to the mod.
- Reply your bid to the last bid coming in. Do not reply to the bid thread or others if a bid has been put.

- I will send you the total invoice once the auction ends, so please do not send payment before that.
- I only accept Paypal at this time.
- All funds should be sent to
- Please copy and paste the address when you send you money, I am not responsible for wrong payment sent.

- I ship from State College, PA in the U.S.
- I do ship internationally. But please ask me for a shipping estimate before you send your payment.
- If you won an auction from my Ebay sales, I can combine it with the winning items here. Send me a message from Ebay or here if that is the case.
- Shipping rate, including fees, within the U.S. will start from $1.5 for a single item. If you have won multiple items, the cost will rise a little. I will let you know in this case.
- I will ship your items in 3 days.

That's it. If there is anything you think should be added on or you feel confused about any of this, just let me know in any method.

- These are called pearly TOMYs, or metallic TOMYs. Unlike the normal ones, they have a special glossy paint which make them look like glowing in certain views. I have won them from Y!J, so the rest will be for auction here.
- They are in very good condition.
- Arceus is a clear TOMY with sparkles. It is NOT the wholly clear one.
- Every TOMY will start from $5.
- The auction will end on Tuesday, March 8 at 12:00 P.M. EST. I will grab a countdown clock later today.
                                                             Here is the countdown timer for reference only :
Bidding has ended.

Putting up bid threads. Let's start! XD    Bidding has ended.
Tags: absol, arceus, celebi, darkrai, deoxys, empoleon, entei, infernape, jirachi, lucario, lugia, mewtwo, palkia, pikachu, rayquaza, tomy, torterra
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