Basilikus (basilikus1990) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sticker ID Help

Hullo, Today I found out some of the cards I have are stickers....but I cant find anything on the internet about them. The seller said nothing about them being stickers, simply referred to them as bandai prism cards. 
I have not found anything online about them, and I've only actually found one card that looks similar, but it's not a sticker.....So I'm worried that I've been 'scammed'....I appreciate any help.

The pics are below the cut.

The above pic is taken from my site which has loads of the other pictures of these cards, the link is  
if you wanna see.

The card I found online: it looks the same as the one above, except it's a card not a sticker.

Thanks to anyone that can offer any help....

Tags: bandai

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