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A quick update post, super find, and my grail!

 Hey guys, this is just a quick update on my collection. I've gotten quite a few since my last update that I'll be sharing with you all soon! And can I just say this community is so amazing. Hosting GAs here is so cool! You're all such amazing people and I'm glad to be part of this community. Now onto a little news.

I recently purchased this amazing fellow:

For a steal! I was quite proud too. I only recently became aware of the three HGSS starter evolution UFOs and knew I was never going to buy them because 1. I'm cheap and poor and 2. They're rare. And Typhlosion is the rarest one and I found him! :D 

Also, everyone has been bringing up their grail lately so I figured I would show mine:

Mudkip was the first Pokemon I've ever had and Swampert was the first Pokemon I grew attached to. I got him up to level 100 by having him as my one and only all through Ruby, and even used him in Colosseum. I have a real sweet spot for the guy. That's why I would really love having my own plush of him ;_;. Hear my pleas! Does anyone have one they're willing to part with? I would pay $20 for him or maybe more if you could tell me your price. I know he's rare. Actually I once found one on eBay when I didn't have access to a paypal and lost my chance. Please help me find him. :)
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